Cooks Arm Suri Alpaca Stud

Cooks Arm Suri Alpaca Stud is located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Since 1976 Judy and Michael have used sustainable agricultural practices on the property and from 1999 have concentrated on breeding a small herd of Suri alpacas. Their aim is to improve the fleece quality each year through selective breeding. Many, many hours have gone into experimenting with Suri fleece to produce a variety of yarns.

At Cooks Arm Alpacas, we are committed to using our better fleeces to produce magical, high quality, hand-spun yarns for hand-knitted garments. These garments exploit the subtle colour variations of each Suri fleece to produce unique products.

  • Most yarns are hand-spun from Suri fleece in our on-farm workshop.
  • All garments are hand-made.

Suri alpaca fleece produces a yarn which is extremely lustrous and soft. The yarn lends itself to the production of garments for special occasions as well as everyday use. Garments made from Suri alpaca yarn are easy to care for; simply hand wash in warm water. The garments available make an ideal present for a special person or add that unique touch to your own outfit.

At Cooks Arm Alpacas we will also work with customers to design and make a garment to suit their wishes. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

In addition we will hand-spin and hand-knit a small sample of a customer's own Suri fleece so its unique colour and potential can be assessed before it is made into a garment. This service has already proven useful to breeders in demonstrating to others the unique qualities the Suri fleece possesses in garment production.

Contact us for further information about this service.